Volvo Cars’ new XC40 delivers a confidence-inspiring SUV designed for city living

Developed around the challenges of modern city life, theXC40 aims to make the daily urban commute less stressful and more enjoyable,because drivers in the segment can now rely on the award-winning safety,connectivity and infotainment technologies known from Volvo’s acclaimed new 90-and 60 series cars.

“The XC40 is our first car in this rapidly growing segmentand has a clear focus on navigating today’s hectic city environments. Buildingon Volvo’s heritage as the leader in safety, the new XC40 will offer the bestpossible safety standards combined with an easy-to-use interface and convenientconnected services,” said Håkan Samuelsson, President and Chief Executive ofVolvo Cars.

The XC40 is Volvo’s first car on its new CompactModular Architecture (CMA), and includes a range of ground-breakingtechnologies introduced in its 90- and 60 series siblings, whichare based on Volvo’s larger Scalable Product Architecture (SPA).

Volvo’s approach to safety and user experience builds on aphilosophy it calls the Circle of Life: a constant improvement of standards andtechnologies, based on consumer insights and real-life data. 

Safety and driver-assistance features offered on the XC40include Volvo’s semi-autonomous Pilot Assist system, the latest generation ofCity Safety, Run-off Road Protection and Mitigation, Cross Traffic Alert withauto brake, and the 360° camera that helps drivers manoeuvre their car intotight parking spaces. These and other technologies make the XC40 one of thebest-equipped small premium SUVs.

“Modern city life presents complex challenges for drivers,pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. With the XC40, we aim to reduce theso-called cognitive load on the driver. While our safety and driver-assistancesystems actively identify and mitigate potential conflicts, you as a driver canrelax more and therefore enjoy city driving,” said Malin Ekholm, Vice PresidentVolvo Cars Safety Centre.

While the starting point for each new Volvo is the mostadvanced safety and driver-assistance systems, the new XC40 also benefits fromthe high levels of safety and infotainment found in its larger stablemates.

“We built a confident, easy-to-use and convenient everydayuser experience based on real-life interaction and research, starting from ourfoundation of leading safety. The XC40 is a car for a generation of consumersthat expect full connectivity. All the screens have been optimised for a safe,easy and efficient interaction, to support active city driving,” said ÖdgärdAndersson, Vice President Vehicle Software & Electronics at Volvo Cars.

“Like the larger XC60 and XC90 SUVs, the XC40 featuresVolvo’s connected Sensus infotainment system, centred around the now familiarlarge, portrait-oriented touch screen. Easy to use and intuitive, the Sensusinterface allows drivers to access a host of functions and services,” concludedÖdgärd Andersson.

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